Saturday, January 29, 2011


You can learn how to tie a shoe.
You can learn how to rebuild an engine.
You can learn how to speak Swahili with a French accent.
But style is innate
-Andy Spade

Style by Kate Spade: Designer Kate Spade shares her thoughts on stylish living in this volume, part of a trio with Manners and Occasions. Beginning with her thoughts on style in books, movies, and art, she spends the bulk of the book on fashion. How to mix colors, what to wear in any season, and Spade’s favorite clothes are all discussed, complete with beautiful illustrations. Style also serves as a useful reference book with conversion charts to International clothing and shoe sizes, as well as definitions of fashion terms.

Overall Quality: As an engineer, “stylish” is probably not the first word you’d come up with to describe me. I was hoping this book would be more of a how-to, and it does include a number of useful tips. However, it’s really more of a discussion of Kate Spade’s personal views on style. I sill found it an enjoyable read. As could be expected, the illustrations are the very best part. I always like to see how people with a better sense of style than me put together looks, and no one has a better sense of style than Spade. I will definitely hold onto this as a reference for subjects like how to care for vintage clothing. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the companion books Manners and Occasions, so don’t be surprised to see either of those featured later.

Bus Readability: The format of this book is actually much more like a magazine than a traditional book, so if you’re a morning Cosmo reader, you’ll be a fan. It’s more of a “flip-through” than a focused read, making it particularly ideal for short transit rides or those mornings when you’d need another cup of coffee before focusing on anything with a plotline. It’s a physically small book, and probably even more convenient to stow in a purse than said issue of Cosmo.

Cocktail Party Conversation Starter: Did you know the bikini was invented in 1946 and named for the Bikini atoll?

TL;DR: Pretty pictures and easy bus reading.

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