Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you to review books anyway?
Well, no one. I certainly wasn’t an English major, and I don’t work in publishing or anything like that. What I am is someone who loves reading. I always have a book in my bag. Most of my reading is on my daily bus commute, and I've noticed some books make for much better bus reading than others. I want to share my experiences with others who do most of their reading on mass transit.

There will always be an element of taste, so if you don’t like the same kind of books I do, you may not find my reviews helpful. I will review a wide variety of books though (novels, non-fiction, young adult, graphic novels, short stories, etc), so I hope that all commute readers can find something interesting to read here.

How often do you update?
There will be new content every Sunday, and possibly more often.

What criteria are you using?
I’m glad you asked! I’ll discuss the overall quality of the book, as well as whether it makes for good bus reading. This usually means that it can be read twenty minutes at a time without getting confused or lost. I’ll also mention the physical size of the book, since no one wants to hold Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell with one hand while gripping a subway rail with the other.

Why don’t you just get an e-reader and then you don’t have to worry about the size of the book?
Because I’m a broke grad student. Want to buy me one?

Some of these books are really old.
That’s not really a question, is it? I get a lot of my books from used book stores, so I end up with a lot of old ones. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s new to you!

What's a trigger warning?
It's heads up for people who may find particular content triggering. There will be spoilers, so don't click the button if you don't want to know what's coming.

What’s TL;DR?
Too long; didn’t read. This is just a one sentence summary of the review.